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Vacation from the road trip

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

12.07.18 - 22.07.18

12.07.18: Vacation from the road trip. Break for me, no blog story during this time, only a few pictures to tease you, sorry guys :).

Sunset at Norfällsviken

at least a little bit wild camping feeling, just before I arrived at Norfällsviken (11.07.18)

Scree was created at the seashore at the end of the last ice age, but is now about 300 meters above sea level. At Norfällsviken

At Nörfallsviken you can do camping like a Boss, or as I do, with a VW California, works as well :)

13.07.18: Shore-side south at Nörfallsviken

Shore-side north at Nörfallsviken

Panoramic view south at Nörfallsviken

14.07.18: or you can go shopping like a Boss, found in front of an ICA on the way to Snibbens Camping near Ramvik

15.07.18: Sunday morning breakfast including lake view :)

camping neighbor is leaving, in it's newest Beetle out of three :), yes you are right, it was so new there was already color on it :)

sunset after another beautiful day

actually after the sunset was even better :)


this little fellow passed by in the evening for a beer.

with another beautiful sunset, I name it, the fisher and the moon.

17.07.18: Morning routine, visit the cow-beach, with my sup, great training session.

18.07.18: another wonderful sunset to enjoy

even after the sunset ... you know it already..

19.07.18: found a nice spot on my SUP tour this morning, shame it is privat no visitors welcome..

20.07.18: forest fires across our little lake, everywhere it smells like barbecue..

22.07.18: last sunset from my travel-trip break

changes to a nice after sunset scenery

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