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Goteborg fly by

Updated: Aug 2, 2018


I left early today, took another break just about half an hour after the start, at the Lake Vänern to take some aerial photos

and then another stop at the Dalslands moos farm as otherwise it seems quite difficult to get a moose in front of the camera, though there are a lot of promising signs at the street I only saw two moose crossing the street. Then I found another nice campsite at Henan, I got a spot with direct sea view, anything more needed?



I stayed another day at the campsite at Henan, doing some office work and enjoying the weather and the beach



I left Henan and went to Tjörnehuvud to get up to the view point, where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the village and the sea, worth a 10 minutes walk I’d say.

Next stop was Goteborg for a short visit, I went to the botanic garden

and then went south to meet with Svenja and Sebi from Switzerland, I was invited to a Swiss-Chees-Fondue, which was very delicious. Thanks again for the great dinner and the good company



Happy Confoederatio Helvetica

Svenja and Sebi went further north and I packed my stuff too and left the campsite as well, to find my way home.

I made a stop at Mölle, to enjoy the nice view from the small lighthouse,

in the meantime the Cali fell in love with a Beetle lady...

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