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Sweden - Denmark - Germany - Netherlands - Germany


Sweden - ferry - Denmark

Sunrise in Sweden, sunset in Netherlands.

After driving about 800 kilometers (ok, you got me, I had some help from Monster and Lewis Hamilton, they helped driving),

and with two stops in Denmark

I came to a small RV site. Although I was late, I received a friendly welcome and stayed one night in Turfstee. Thanks to Andre, nice place, fair price and very friendly



Check in Amsterdam,

it still is about 30 degrees, also for sightseeing very hot, after an afternoon walking through the streets I found myself again on the campsite, another night before I leave to meet Jacky and Karsten again in Emmerich, looking forward!



after a relaxing journey through Netherland with a stop at Arnheim,

I arrived at Jacky’s and Karsten’s place. looking forward for them to arrive and another nice evening with my friends here in Emmerich

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