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I added another day to stay in Björkliden. Tomorrow the weather should be great and warm, so I decided to stay one more day and planned to go for a little hike tomorrow morning. Lets see how far up the mountain I get, for some nice pictures and some good view



top view from Björkliden

Great weather today, I got up at 5am and walked up to the mountain for a 3 hour hiking tour,

little lake with freezing water

with terrific spots and viewpoints.

another lake, water temperature a bit warmer :)

yellow flowers on the way up

Afterwards another “laundry day” and tried some new “moves” on my ukulele and enjoying the sun while the clothes where drying.

withe flowers on the way down

Some route checking’s for Norway, first stop will be Narvik to get everything needed and then further on to the Lofoten. I don’t have to rush tomorrow, shops open at 10am and the drive to Narvik takes about one hour.

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