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national park de Maasduinen

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

natural park de maasduin

from Lottum to national park de Maasduinen, beautiful rural area, the streets mostly lined with tree avenues, with some brick-family houses, which resemble those in England, but more modern and well-kept. of course, the flower fields are not missing here either. much nature, trees and meadows are in lush green. since my arrival in Lottum, it has only rained, I hope the weather is improving the next few days, I prefer sunburn rather than drowning in the camper ...;)

today I made a walk around the reindersmeer. about 5km. It seemed more like the blue lagoon, sandy beaches everywhere, hardly any people due to the poor weather, a hand-operated ferry with which you could even cross the "sea". mini frogs, blue dragonflies and a lot of ducks decorated the nature. In the evening I moved to emmerich am rhein, to visit friends

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