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King Olav's road


Narvik's new bridge

King Olav's road

After breakfast and checkout I went on with my journey towards Norway. the nature is very beautiful. I ended up on a campsite in Gullesfiord on the way to the Lofoten. Prices are higher than in Sweden and the service offered on campsite as well as for internet are lower as I where used in Sweden. I don’t think my visit to Norway will last long I tend already to go back to Sweden and enjoy a beautiful nature with “normal” prices.



I left Gullesfjord and went south to Ramberg. The Lofoten are a very nice place, everything is green, high mountains, very clear water in the lakes and the sea. It reminded me of Jurassic Park.

I made a short stop at Haukland Beach, it's no exaggeration to compare the beauty of this beach with Maui or Thailand.

Haukland Beach

Yes, there are many campers driving back and forth on the E10, there are no empty campgrounds or rest areas, at least not at this time of the year. I'm staying at the Skagen camping at Ramberg for one or two days. The temperature is about 10 degrees today and windy, so it feels even colder. I'm looking forward to Thursday as the weather and temperatures should get better.

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