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getting ready after a cold winter

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

after all these cold and short days I can't hardly wait to go north to catch the midnight sun

lot's of work first building the new homepage, insta and facebook side took a while but I assume it's worth. so family and friends can join my trip with my cali.

“I won't get my whole flat in the cali... curios what I will take with me on my first trip and much more, what I won't the second time.”

first stops up north are already planed. now I start to read about my journey details, like: where to find the bears and how you feed them best.

where to see the midnight sun in Sweden

"From the start of June until the second week of July, it’s possible to see the midnight sun across large parts of northern Sweden. The golden rule is that if you want a clear view of the sun as the clock strikes midnight, you need to be near (or ideally north of) the Arctic Circle.

The further towards the North Pole you go, the greater the number of days when the midnight sun is visible. So in Jokkmokk, which is just north of the Arctic Circle, the sun can be seen at midnight for 32 days in a row. Way up high in Abisko, you can expect a whopping 56 days without a single hint of darkness."

found on the routes north blog check out this blog for more information about the midnight sun in Sweden


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