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from Skagsanden beach to Misvaer, and further south


Moskenens / Bodo ferry

I left Skagsanden Beach and took the ferry from Moskenens to Bodo, after almost a day traveling and 4 hours by ferry, I landed at a fairly large campsite in Misvær.

The campsite is about the size of the small village next to it or even bigger. The receptionist told me that they brought workers from outside to the village because the villagers were unable to do all the work. Since there is no place in the village for the workers, most of them live in the campsite. The campsite has very fair prices (NOK 150, including shower and

W-LAN), which are favorable for Norway.




It is still rainy today, so I make an office day, go shopping end explore a little bit around the campsite. will use the opportunity of the “cheap” campsite and stay for another night here.



Today I left Misvaer and went back to Saltstrauman to see the World’s most powerful tidal current.

“Saltstraumen has one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. Up to 400,000,000 cubic metres (520,000,000 cu yd) of seawater forces its way through a 3-kilometre (1.9 mi) long and 150-metre (490 ft) wide strait every six hours. Vortices known as whirlpools or maelstroms up to 10 metres (33 ft) in diameter and 5 metres (16 ft) in depth are formed when the current is at its strongest.” {Wikipedia}

Saltstrauman tidal current

It is really impressive with which power the water flows in or out of this Fjord. Afterwards I drove south through the Saltfjellet –Svartisen National Park and passed the Arctic Circle again.

stone figures at the arctic circle

A short stop besides a river for one night and tomorrow I will go towards Sweden again.

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