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From Dunderland in Norway back to Sweden

09.07.18 - 11.07.18

Another drive, from Dunderland in Norway back to Sweden, via Askilje to Gullvik. Bridges, lakes, rivers, gravel roads, beautiful scenery everywhere, stopped twice to take aerial photos with my drone, and in the evening at 11 pm I could enjoy a beautiful sunset at the campsite in Askilje. Tomorrow I drive to the east coast of Sweden. After a night stop next to a beautiful lake, I drove the next 20 km to the campsite in Gullvik. Nice, large campsite, but unfortunately almost fully booked, so that no places near the beach are more free. I travel further south and check out some other campsites. For now, here are some pictures from this trip, Drone's pictures will follow when I get back home.

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