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fasten your seat-belt next stop Stockholm

Updated: Jun 30, 2018


sitting around the campsite, updating my Instagram account and tried a WhatsApp video chat with my parents, was good fun and the quality was quite ok with the campsite wifi, guess we will do this again by time.

thanks for everything, great having you!

despite the busy working time ;-) I found some time for a short run and some exercises, missing my training at home, enjoyed the weather and the rain ... yes I’m aware that rain is a part of the weather ;-)



thank you for the musig :-)

Stockholm or shall I better say ABBA town?

yes I went to the abba museum and yes I bought a abba cd, so from now on I can travel through sweden with style :-)

stockholms stadshus

not everything worked out well, despite my “perfect” plan. so was the Östermalm's market hall closed because of renovations. however I managed to go to the Stockholms Stadshus and up to it’s tower, terrific view!

afterwards I went to the pick wick pub to eat an original Swedish fish and chips menu ;-).

came back to my van and had to realize the parking spot wasn’t the best idea, however as I don’t understand any Swedish at all, I still believe the note on the windshield was just an advertising trick from the city of Stockholm. so I left Stockholm happy and singing together with ABBA “the winner takes it all” :-)

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