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Fadboy bike tour in Sandsjogarden and visit of the Storforsens nature park

Updated: Jun 29, 2018


Fadboy bike tour

Today I went on a "fadboy" bike ride on the sandjögarden mountain "Sandberget" to enjoy a beautiful view and tried again aerial photography, which was quite difficult because of the strong wind. In the evening,

top view from the Sandberget

I enjoyed dinner in the restaurant at the campsite, I did not see the moose on my outing, but I had the chance to try the filet in the evening, was fine, like some kind of wild meat. I talked to some other Swiss, who have been traveling through Sweden for some years, all nature lovers who like to spend long summer days. I've made some travel plans and will go north tomorrow, I'm not sure yet. maybe I go over Finland and back to Sweden and to the East Coast, which had to be very beautiful.



Today I left Sandsjögarden about midday, said goodbye to Caro and Danü, I like these two, pure, honest, kind, yeah really, hope to see them again, maybe already on the way south. Today I made a stop at the Storforsens nature park ok it is not the Rheinfall however the rapids where quite impressive.

Storforsens nature park

Afterwards I just was looking for an easy place for the night before I go to Jokkomokk. I stay here for the night and will discover the town tomorrow. On the way to Storforsens I met at various places reindeer on the road, you really have to drive carefully here, except you are a busdriver, the postgirl or just Swedish

street reindeers

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