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across the boarder

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

or from Denmark to Sweden

sunset, Malmö, Sweden


yesterday I made bicycle ride to the city, short stop at the mall, I thought I could buy a data sim card with a contract for unlimited data for working but Tele2 only sell’s sim cards to native people, so travelers without a Swedish passport can only get prepaid sim cards. Telia sells them at about 400 sek for 30 gb. I will check other possibilities tomorrow. after lunch and some office work I went down to the beach, nice spot with great view for sunset and the big bridge. so I came back after dinner to enjoy the sunset and made some cool pictures.

today I enjoyed the weather on the campsite, laundry and office day and found my next spots towards Stockholm, I also booked my campsite on Österlund, thought it might be a good idea to have a firm spot for the midsummer event. days are already getting longer, sunset was yesterday at about 10pm, love long days J. tomorrow I pack my stuff and leave early, stop at downtown Malmö for some side seeing and shopping an then leave, heading north.

sunset, Malmö, Sweden


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