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weekend trip to Östersund

Updated: Jun 30, 2018


Yes the sauna experiment was terrific, little sauna just for me, great view to the lake and afterwards a short swim in the rather fresh lake, lovely way to start a day.

view from the sauna

Today I only had to make a short trip to my next stop Östersund. about an hour and I found my new campsite where I stay for the weekend and the midnightsummer party.

water swimming, water flying

So no big story today, checking in, washing my cloth and did a bit of road trip planning for the next route.

not sure yet if I shall get up to the Nordkapp I mean, it isn’t so far as it has been before.

Top Gun 2.0

Tomorrow I planned a visit in the city of Östersund by bicycle, checking out the town and if there is a party event on the weekend.



It does not always go as planned, it's rainy and cold today, so I decided to spend a relaxed morning.

The weather did not change and my headaches got a little better. That's why I stayed at home today.

Camping under 10 degrees is only partially funny, especially when it's rainy and windy, nothing for softies. I hope the weather will be a bit better or at least not rainy tomorrow. In terms of weather forecast, it should be better by Sunday at the latest. We will see.

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