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From Ramvik to Äppelbo with a stopover in Bjuraker


Heading south again, leaving Ramvik and its nice campsite towards the Vänern Lake. First stop was at Härnösand visited the

Car Museum and the Systembolaget to refill the beer.

The next goal was Tällberg at the Siljan Lake but my driving was too bad to get there early enough,

so I stopped in Bjuraker at

Norra Dellen Familjencamping direct to the Norra Dellen Lake, which a Swiss couple (Nicole and Reto) is heading since January 2018, great campsite nice view to the lake and the sunset.


I stayed another day at the Norra Dellen Campsite, did some office work and went for another swim in the nice lake


Today’s goal was to get to Tällberg, however first I went up to the Avholmsberget as recommended from Reto and Nicole, nice Restaurant with a great view over the lake.

After lunch I left to get to the campsite in Tällberg.. ..but the campsite was already fully booked, seems the upcoming classic car event in Rättvik already fills up the campsites in the region.

Therefore I saw some nice classic cars in Rättvik before. Took a short break and a walk through the town to see some more of these great cars.

Afterwards I went on and my day trip ended on a wild campsite near Äppelbo, very nice direct at the river and of course with another nice sunset.

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