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check in Malmö

Updated: Jun 30, 2018


Malmö Live Konserthus

check-in Malmö, we didn’t really get closer, I mean it’s a nice city that’s for sure, but I didn’t find the charme which Copenhagen had. to be fair it also might be that I wasn’t well prepared, despite Copenhagen is about as twice as big, at least from the population, it was easier to bump into the nice places then in Malmö. after I got my sim card and checked out at least some spots like the old city hall, the st. Petri church and the Malmöhus. I left to find my next overnight stay and how I did.

Lake near Braas

found one of the most beautiful places on earth little lake near Braas, quiet, perfect weather as well as water temperature, sure worth a stop over if you are heading north. I took a swim, a bit sport, eat dinner and got ready for a quite cold night with only about 4 degrees.



on the 16.6. I left early in the morning. I did a short stop at one of the other thousand lakes I passed. Hesjön lake near Mälilla Kyrby, they have also a small natural camp ground, very nice too.


lunch break was in Norköpping only a short stop and then the journey continued north to Stockholm, here I stay on the campsite for two days. yes I will prepare a bit better this time for the Stockholm side seeing stop on Monday, recommendations welcome ;).

I got the abba museum on my list. let’s see.

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