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road trip from Börklinge over Ljusdals to Gällö

Updated: Jun 30, 2018


yesterday I landet in Björklinge on a mini campsite with only about 15 places, however very quite and clean, only about a 200 meters walk away from the beach of the lake Längsjön very beautiful.

lake längsjön

short office check and then I got ready for bed.

in the morning I took the chance to swim in the lake. and yes the water get’s fresher the more north you get. I also know now why all the Swedish guys yesterday on the swim training weared neoprene suits. at least I was awake afterwards.

shower, camper cleaning, packing and back on the road to the next spot undefined where, after a few left turns, right turns and some straights I endet in Ljusdals, how could it be different, on an other lake. got some tips from the friendly office staff for two view points near by, which I try to find tomorrow to make some more nice pictures from the tour. I will keep you posted.



Road-trip from Ljusdals to Gällö with two stops at two view points near Ljusdals.


1st I climbed the the mountain Järvsöklacken. 391 meters and a 20 minutes later I was rewarded with a great view over the countryside. then back down and on the road again.

dusty road trip

2nd to Gröntjärn. nature park with a little lake, after a dusty 30 minutes ride over a gravel road I arrived at the parking. the hike around the lake didn’t took longer and… ok it was a little lake, however if you traveled through half of Sweden the lake needs more than that to impress me. it kind was like the others, maybe with a bit less people and a nice fireplace.

again a 30 minutes dust ride over gravel roads and then further north, to the camp viking in Gällö, of course on another lake, sunset is expected after 11pm so no rush for me for heading to bed early today.

campsite sauna

tomorrow my first task is to check out the campsites sauna :-)

isn’t life beautiful?

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