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from Stora Sjöfallets nature park to Kiruna and to Björkliden


After a quick breakfast I went to Jokkmokk the first city after the artic circle. the little town itself did not have much exciting places, one or two museums a driving ranch and an ICA, I made my food shopping, got fuel for my camper, checked the tires and went off to Stora Sjöfallets. Checked out a little waterfall nearby and will stay here for the night

little watterfall a Stora Sjöfallets nature park



Today I planned to go to Abisko, about 350km from Stora Sjöfallets. I had a short stop at Kiruna and a walk through the mining town, the northernmost city in Sweden with the biggest iron mine worldwide. It was huge from above already. it’s a pity I was late they would have an, about 3 hours bus tours underground. so I went on to find a place for the night around Abisko, Abisko itself has a great nature park but campers are not welcome there so I went on and ended up in Björkliden on a cool campsite / hotel with golf course and a terrific view, from the top.

top view from Björklides golf court

tie up your house, to be sure it does not get blown away

never been that close to the nordpole

they have still snow on the top and no sunset nor sunrise it’s 11.43pm and still daylight, crazy.

Not sure if I stay one or two nights here, next target from here would be Lofoten in Norway, I guess.

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