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from Östersund to Sandsjogarden


Gas Station at the Jamtli Museum

Midsummer here it is, although there is no sunshine today, let's see what the city has to offer today. The party, it seems, was yesterday, the city was mostly empty, only a few restaurants and coffees were open and the Jamtli Museum, a kind of Swedish, historic open-air museum, really well done, also with actors playing different roles in their Clothes suitable for their respective epoch. After visiting the Jamtli Museum, I walked back through the city to my campsite.



Today was the last day in Östersund, I was preparing for the next route and made some shopping, I needed a new sleeping bag because I was freezing for three nights and the fact that it would not get warmer if I went further north was reason enough to check out the nearby sportstore. Tomorrow morning I want to leave Östersund in the early morning for arriving in Sandsjogarden at noon. I'm curious about the "Swiss" campsite recommended by a friend.



Sandsjögarden Campsite

On the road again. from Östersund to Sandsjogarden, at 7 in the early morning I left Östersund. with a few stops here and there and some slow down zones for some passing reindeer, I arrived at about 1.30pm in Sandsjogarden.

Lake at Sandsjögarden


Friendly welcomed from Caro and informed about all campsite details I made a reservation for their praised dinner, looking forward to it. Dinner tested, was very tasty, afterwards I went for a short hike around the campsite, another beautiful place here. first I was a bit scared alone in the forest, however I'm quite sure, before you get attacked by a bear you will, with big certainty, be eaten by the mosquitos first.

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