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From Äpplebo to the Lake Vänern


After the night at the wild campsite, I met a Swedish couple who advised me to keep an eye on the nature reserve. There are usually nice places to spend a night. I will definitely check that. I left Äppelbo and went to Humletorp, over many gravel roads and a short stopover to take some more aerial photography with my drone. I landed at another campsite in Humletorp. Tomorrow I drive to Ekenäs on Lake Vänern, the largest lake in the EU



I left Humletorp early as the campsite wasn’t really great but therefor I got a nice spot in Ekenäs just a few meters away from the big lake.

Everything is setup, I washed my clothes, once more… and now some office work and then I left for a short walk, to check out the neighborhood.



Easy day, a relaxing walk through the forest to the coastline of the Lake Vänern to enjoy a great view.

Weather has changed and we got some rain today and it might even get rain during the night. I will drive tomorrow morning towards Goteborg, with some stops to check out different tourist attractions

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